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John Delany

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Dates: 1795 - 1812

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Biography of John Delany

The Brompton’s Book of Violin & Bow Makers

Author: John Dilworth

DELANY, John Worked circa. 1795-1812 Dublin Republic of Ireland Cabinet-maker and part-time violin maker. Rather inconsistent output, generally of fairly low standard. Some work done for Perry. Small Amati or Stainer type model, open soundholes, and short corners. Plain wood. One violin in National Museum, Dublin. Made by John Delany / No 17 Britain Street / Dublin 1808. Made by John Delany / in order to perpetuate his memory / in future ages / Dublin 1808 / Liberty to all the world, black and white

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Biography of John Delany

British Violin Makers

Author: William Meredith Morris

Followed the Amati model, and was very successful in producing a good tone. I saw one of his violins many years ago in Waterford, which was well made, rather small, and had a clear and sweet tone. The back was cut on the slab of plain wood, and unpurfled. The sound-holes were rather short and wide, and the corners a little blunt. The varnish, which was originally dark yellow no doubt, had turned nearly black. He used two labels : — (1) MADE BY JOHN DELANY, NO. 17, BRITAIN STREET, DUBLIN, 1808 (2) MADE BY JOHN DELANY, IN ORDER TO PERPETUATE HIS MEMORY IN FUTURE AGES, DUBLIN, 1808. LIBERTY TO ALL THE WORLD, BLACK AND WHITE

Biography of John Delany

A Dictionary of Violin Makers

Author: Cecie Stainer

A maker in Dublin in 1808, is best known by his labels, the one very small, the other very large.

Biography of John Delany

Die Geigen- und Lautenmacher vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart

Author: Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Er ahmte zwar die Italiener recht gut nach, doch scheint er ein allzu starkes Selbstbewusstsein gehabt zu haben, denn nach seinem Zettel baute er seine Geigen, um sein Andenken in künftigen Zeiten zu erhalten. In unseren Tagen hatte er sie wohl »ein Document englischer Kunst« genannt.

Biography of John Delany

The Violin

Author: George Hart

Used two kinds of labels, one of them very small— Made by John Delany, No. 17, Britain Street, Dublin. 1808. In the other which is larger, he states that he made Violins that his name might be of immortal memory. Made by John Delany, In order to perpetuate his memory in future ages. Dublin. 1808. Liberty to all the world black and white.