Maker: Francois Fent

City: Fussen, Country: Germany | Dates: B.1733,d. 1796

Biography of Francois Fent - John Dilworth

FENT, François (FENDT, Franz Placidus) Born 1733 Füssen Germany died 1796 Paris France. Pupil of A. Gedler. Moved to Paris c.1760, working in Monmartre ‘près de la rue du Mail’ or ‘cul-de-sac St Pierre’. Altered his name to the French ‘François Fent’ but gave the description ‘Deutser’ or ‘Deitscher’ on some labels. Joined in about 1783 by his...

Biography of Francois Fent - George Hart

A maker known among French connoisseurs; related to the Fendts who worked in London....

Biography of Francois Fent - Cecie Stainer

Best known in France as Fent. A German maker who settled in Paris and was living there " cul-de-sac St.-Pierre, rue Montmartre," about 1763-91. In his time he had the reputation of being one of the cleverest makers in Paris ; he carefully studied Italian instruments, particularly those of Ant. Stradivari; he used a beautiful red-brown oil varnish which,...

Biography of Francois Fent - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Ein wahrscheinlich aus Tyrol eingewanderter Meister. Er wohnte Cul-de-sac Saint Pierre und gilt als einer der geschicktesten Pariser Geigenmacher seiner Zeit, der die Italiener und besonders Stradivari gut studirt hat und trefflich nachzuahmen verstand. Ausgezeichnete Arbeit, prachtvolles Holz, schöner, rothbrauner Lack, der jetzt freilich sehr nachgedunkelt hat und fast schwarz aussieht Vidal macht darauf aufmerksam, dass gerade Fent's Instrumente sehr...

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A Violin by Francois (franz Placidus) Fent. 35.9 cm Paris, 1800 c. (restored soundpost crack) | Sold in 2007


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