Maker: Nicolas Audinot

City: Mirecourt, Country: France | Dates: ca.1742

Biography of Nicolas Audinot - John Dilworth

Nicolas (I) Worked c.1742. Presumed to be the founder of the instrument making family, who were first recorded as makers of serinettes (small barrel-organs). According to Jacquot, once a Hussar in the Chambord Regiment founded by Maurice de Saxe in about 1750. The entries for both Nicolas (I) and (II) are confused and apparently conflated in most dictionaries, but the...

Biography of Nicolas Audinot - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Nachdem er den Militärdienst verlassen, verlegte er sich auf den Geigenbau und machte billige Geigen. Einige derselben tragen seinen Namen eingestempelt. Er ist mit den übrigen Geigenmachern seines Namens nicht verwandt....

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