Maker: Nester Audinot

City: Mirecourt, Country: France | Dates: B. 1842

Biography of Nester Audinot - John Dilworth

Nestor Dominique Born 1842 Mirecourt, died 1920 Paris. Son and pupil of Léopold Audinot. Worked with Sébastian Vuillaume in Paris 1863-1868. Established his own shop at 17 Faubourg St Denis but on Vuillaume’s death in 1875 returned to take over his business at 17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle. Retired on independent means in 1908, passing the firm to E. Corvisier. A prolific...

Biography of Nester Audinot - Cecie Stainer

b. Dec. 12, 1842, Mirecourt. Apprenticed to his father there. 1863-68, worked under Sebastien Vuillaume in Paris, succeeded to his business in 1875 at 17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle. He has experimented largely in varnishes. Has made about 588 instruments during thirty years' work, all of which reach a high standard of excellence. and "N. Audinot, 17, Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle, annee 18—."...

Biography of Nester Audinot - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Nachdem er bei seinem Vater Leopold A. ausgelernt hatte, kam er 1863 nach Paris zu Seb. Vuillaume und machte sich 1868 in der Rue Faubourg St. Denis 17 selbstständig Nach 1875 wurde er S. Vuillaume's Nachfolger und wohnt jetzt Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle 17. Er ist ein ebenso geschickter Geigenmacher als gesuchter Reparateur und wendet dem Studium des Lacks seine besondere...

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A Cello by Nester Dominique Audinot. 76.2 cm Paris, 1898 | Sold in 2009


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