Maker: Hieronymus Amati

City: Cremona, Country: Italy | Dates: B. 1649, d.1740

Biography of Hieronymus Amati - John Dilworth

AMATI, Hieronymus (II) Born 1649, died 1740 Cremona Italy. Son, pupil, and successor of Nicolò Amati, above. His workmanship makes itself apparent after c.1670 and, while he is generally considered to be a lesser maker than the rest of his family, there are considerable merits in his work. He was probably the presiding craftsman in the workshop when...

Biography of Hieronymus Amati - Cecie Stainer

Third son and successor of Nicola Amati, b. Feb. 26, 1649; d. Feb. 21, 1740 ; buried in San Tommaso. His instruments are poor compared to those made by Nicola ; he follows an inferior pattern, the sound-holes being straight and placed too close to each other. The instruments made on a large flat pattern are the best, the sound-holes...

Biography of Hieronymus Amati - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Dritter Sohn von Nicola A. Er war seit 1678 mit Angiola Carettoni (†1685) verheirathet und hatte drei Kinder, die früh starben. Immer noch gut in seiner Arbeit, aber doch der unbedeutendste Meister der Familie. Nur die F-Löcher verrathen manchmal noch den alten Schwung der Amati-Schule, sind aber sorglos geschnitten. Er gebrauchte verschiedene Zettel....

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A Cello by Hieronymus (ii) Amati. Cremona, c.1700 With Provenance | Sold in 2005


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