Maker: Andrea Amati

City: Cremona, Country: Italy | Dates: B. ca 1505, d.1577

Biography of Andrea Amati - John Dilworth

AMATI, Andrea Born circa. 1505, died 1577 Cremona Italy. Unquestionably the most important figure, alongside Antonio Stradivari, in the history of violin making. Although it is clear that violins existed in some form from c.1520, Andrea Amati’s instruments are the oldest that survive and are clearly the prototypes for all that followed. There is no known precedent for his design...

Biography of Andrea Amati - Cecie Stainer

b. about 1525, at Cremona; d. soon after the death of his second wife, Angiola de Migli (d. April 10, 1611). Was descended from an ancient and noble family of Cremona, dating back as far as 1097. Was the founder of the great Cremona school of violin making, which includes such names as the Guarneri, Ruggeri, Bergonzi, and Stradivari....

Biography of Andrea Amati - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Der Stammvater der berühmten Geigenmacherfamilie, deren Ahnen sich bis ins frühe Mittelalter (1097) zurückverfolgen lassen, und die, wie Lancetti, de Piccolellis u. A. annehmen, deutschen Ursprungs war. Andrea's Geburtstag zu ermitteln, gelang noch nicht, da die Kirchenbücher aus so früher Zeit nicht mehr vorhanden sind. Auch sein Todestag liess sich nicht feststellen, er scheint also nicht in Cremona selbst gestorben...

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A Violin by Andrea Amati. 1574 | Sold in 1991


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