Maker: John Aldred

City: Boston, Country: England | Dates: active ca 1918-1922

Biography of John Aldred - John Dilworth

ALDRED, John b. Boston UK, Worked 1918-1922 Buffalo, New York USA. Pupil of Charles Jewitt in London. Also studied in Edinburgh. Emigrated to the USA c.1903. Established in Buffalo, New York 1918-1922. Stradivari and Guarneri models using his own oil varnish. Small production of violins and bows. John Aldred, Violin and Bow Maker, Buffalo, N.Y. 1920 [Wenberg]...

Biography of John Aldred - George Hart

Maker of Viols....

Biography of John Aldred - William Meredith Morris

A maker of viols. His instruments were very celebrated in the seventeenth century, and much in demand. They were classed with those of Jay, Smith, and Belles, by Mace in his " Musick's Monument."...

Biography of John Aldred - Cecie Stainer

A maker in London, whose viols were celebrated in the 17th century. Speaking of viols, in his book " Musick's Monument" (published 1676), Mace adds, "Of such there are no better in the world, than those of Aldred, Jay, Smith, &c."...

Biography of John Aldred - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Einer der guten englischen Geigenbauer des 17. Jahrhunderts, der schon...

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