Maker: Matthias Albani

City: Calduro, Country: Germany | Dates: B. 1650, d.1712, Bolzano

Biography of Matthias Albani - John Dilworth

ALBANI, Matthias (II) Born 1634 Calduro (Kaltern), died 1712 Bolzano Italy. Presumed son and pupil of Matthias Albani (I), above, but usually conflated with him. Apprenticed to Martino Arz in Rome in 1664, worked for Andrea Portoghesi in 1666. Established in Bolzano c.1671, and recorded at that time as a violin maker. Earliest known work dates from c.1683. His...

Biography of Matthias Albani - George Hart

Son of [Mathias Albani], This maker should, perhaps, have been classed with those of Italy, his style being Italian; but as he was the son of the well-known German maker, it was thought best that his name should follow that of his father under the head of German makers. The son has shown but faint marks of having been tutored...

Biography of Matthias Albani - Cecie Stainer

Son and pupil of Mathias Albani; b. 1650, Botzen ; d. about 1715. Settled in Rome, probably remained in Cremona studying under the Amatis for some time, on his way there. His instruments follow the Amati pattern, and show beautiful varnish and finished workmanship. Three violins known are dated respectively 1702, 1709, 1712. In a pochette was the label, "Mathias...

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A Violin by Matthias (ii) Albani. 36.0 cm Bolzano, 1690 c. | Sold in 2006


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