Maker: Matthias Albani

City: Calduro, Country: Germany | Dates: B.1621

Biography of Matthias Albani - John Dilworth

ALBANI, Matthias (I) Born circa. 1621 Calduro (Kaltern), died 1673 Bolzano Italy. Recorded in Bolzano as a master luthier, but authenticated work is extremely rare and difficult to discern; generally described as of the Stainer type. False labels from the 1640s are in wide circulation, mostly in poor German trade instruments. He is often conflated with...

Biography of Matthias Albani - George Hart

M. Fetis, quoting the Biographical Dictionary of Moritz Berman, with regard to Albani, states that he was born in 1621, and died in 1673. The form is somewhat like Stainer's, but higher and heavier in construction. The varnish is very rich. Wood of good quality....

Biography of Matthias Albani - Cecie Stainer

b. about 1621, Botzen (Tyrol); d. there 1673. His instruments are excellent, very similar to those made by Stainer, of whom he was possibly a pupil. They are much arched, with high sides, the sound-holes too widely opened, with dry brittle varnish, a reddish-brown colour, the wood is carefully selected. A violoncello, of sweet but not powerful tone, had the...

Biography of Matthias Albani - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Die Geschichte der Familie Albani ist noch vollkommen unaufgeklärt. Da es Geigen mit seinem Namen schon von 1644 und noch solche von 1712 giebt und diese Geigen von 1680 an einen vollkommenen Stilwechsel zeigen, so scheint es in der That nicht unberechtigt, wenn man zwei gleichnamige Mitglieder (Vater und Sohn) der Familie als die Verfertiger dieser...


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