Maker: Edmund Aireton

City: London, Country: England | Dates: B. ca 1720, d.1807

Biography of Edmund Aireton - John Dilworth

AIRETON, Edmund Born circa. 1720, died 1807 London UK. Worked in Piccadilly, and from 1805 in Hog Lane (present day Crown Street, Soho). Stainer or Amati model. Employed initially by Peter Wamsley from c.1735. Rather poor yellow varnish but excellent craftsmanship, similar to Wamsley’s pupil Thomas Smith. An excellent five-string cello of small size is labelled...

Biography of Edmund Aireton - George Hart

Was originally employed in the workshop of Peter Wamsley, at the " Harp and Hautboy," in Piccadilly. He made a great many excellent Violins and Violoncellos, and chiefly copied Amati. Varnish of fair quality; colour yellow. He died at the advanced age of 80, in the year 1807....

Biography of Edmund Aireton - William Meredith Morris

His best instruments are on the Amati model. He also made many violins on the Stainer model, and a few, of inferior make, on the Stradivari model — a fact which proves that the model of the great Italian was little appreciated in England and not thought worthy of the best effort at the time. The workmanship is good, and...

Biography of Edmund Aireton - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Angeblich der Sohn eines gleichnamigen, schon 1735 vorkommenden Geigenmachers und ein Verwandter des Kirchenkomponisten Edmund Ayreton (1734 bis 1808), der unter Händel Hilfsorganist der Westminster-Abtei war. Edm. A. gilt als ein Schüler Peter Wamsley's und ahmte Stainer und Amati nach. Die Arbeit ist gut, sein gelbbrauner Lack dagegen stumpf und der Ton unbedeutend. Da er...

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A Cello by Edmund Aireton. 1767 c. | Sold in 1993


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