Maker: Cathune Adams

City: Garmouth, Country: Scotland | Dates: 1775-1805

Biography of Cathune Adams - John Dilworth

ADAMS, Cathune Worked 1775-1805 Garmouth, Scotland UK. Crude workmanship, often with inked purfling. Amatisé model with meagre yellow spirit varnish. Also produced cellos and dancing master’s kits. Manuscript label: Adams, Ma. / Garmouth, 1782 [Rattray]...

Biography of Cathune Adams - William Meredith Morris

He made kits, violins, and violoncellos. Model, N. Amati. The workmanship is fairly good, but the varnish is very inferior, hard, and of an ugly yellow colour. The tone is much better than the appearance of the instruments would lead one to expect. All his labels are handwritten on white paper : —...

Biography of Cathune Adams - Cecie Stainer

A maker at Garmouth, Scotland, in 1800....

Biography of Cathune Adams - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Er hat viele Kits, Violinen und Violincelli gebaut und viele seiner Arbeiten reich mit Perlmutter und Elfenbein eingelegt. Sein Modell erinnert etwas an N. Amati, er verwandte einen dünnen, gelben Spirituslack....


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