Maker: Jean Adam

City: Mirecourt, Country: France | Dates: B.1795, d.1864

Biography of Jean Adam - John Dilworth

ADAM, Jean Dominique Born 1795, died 1842 Mirecourt France. Son, pupil and assistant of Jean, above. Developed his father’s style to greater finesse and sophistication, influenced by É. Pajeot. Prolific maker for various French dealers. Fine work, round and octagonal sticks, frogs without upper slide. Branded: ADAM in slightly larger type than that of his father. [Millant/Raffin] ...

Biography of Jean Adam - Cecie Stainer

b. Feb. 26,1823, Mirecourt; d. Jan. 19, 1869. Was the son, pupil, and successor of Jean Adam, a maker of bows. He made many bows for the trade, but marked with his name those that he sold himself. His work is much superior to that of his father....

Biography of Jean Adam - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Schüler seines Vaters Jean A. und wie dieser nur Bogenfabrikant. Die besseren Bögen versah er mit dem Brandstempel: Adam....

Highest Price Achieved

A Viola Bow by Jean Dominique Adam. Silver & Ebony mounts, 59.5 g. [Lit.] | Sold in 2010


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