Free Online Violin Appraisal

Free online Violin Appraisal with AmatiIf you want to know how much your violin, cello or viola is worth, all we need are a few photographs of your instrument, and any details you think might help with its history or condition.  

This information on your instrument will help us with your free online violin appraisal (or if based in the United Kingdom, violin valuation). Any information can be useful for a violin valuation, although nothing replaces seeing the instrument in person for a more accurate violin appraisal.

The instrument would be insured through UPS up to £2,000. Otherwise we can meet in person or you can ship to us directly.  This will allow us to provide you with a more thorough violin appraisal.

If you like the violin appraisal - and the violin valuation - we provide, you can use Amati to sell your instrument, relying on our many years of experience and thousands of users. 


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