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Andrew Kochie

Maker of Violins, Violas, Cellos

After spending years doing repairs & minor restorations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I became quickly interested in discovering the art and quality of sound behind violin making. After receiving wise council from local luthiers, and encouragement from friends and family, I relocated to Salt Lake City to further my education and attended the Violin Making School of America. Afterwards I moved north to Clinton, Utah where I continue to make instruments for musicians internationally and focus on various aspects of research in acoustics. I continue to study and research wood density ratios, elasticity, psycho-acoustics (the study of how the brain interprets sound), statistical data on surviving instruments, CT analysis, plate acoustics as well as many aspects of historical varnishes. I take a modern approach based in current research and modern techniques to maximize on sound potential. I reinforce my instruments with carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase stability as well as adjustments to the interior of the instrument to maximize sound potential with modern synthetic string tensions. I prefer to antique my instruments gently to reflect the history and character of the finest instruments known that are quickly becoming inaccessible. I use fine Italian or Swiss spruce, depending on the specific type of sound that the musician is looking for and well seasoned European maple for the backs, necks, and sides of the instrument. I cook all my varnishes from raw materials using adjusted historical recipes I feel is very close optically in character and flexibility to Stradivari instruments that I have seen and handled in person. As of January 2012 I no longer accept instruments for restoration or repair to be able to focus on making new instruments with the exception of instruments that I have made. Feel free to contact me for more questions or information. Pricing upon request. By appointment only.

Contact Information

Address: By Appointment
Telephone: 801-200-3962
Email: andrew@andrewkochie.com
Website: http://www.andrewkochie.com